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Aktiva is an Ofsted registered child care provider. We have recently received a positive report from our latest Ofsted inspection. The report details the main strengths and areas of improvement for Aktiva in relation to the outcomes for children set out in the Children’s Act 2004.


“Staff fully implement robust recruitment systems, policies and procedures to safeguard children. This means that the welfare of the children is well promoted.

Children are confident, happy and comfortable in their surroundings.

Children have fun at the camp, they play well together and make friendships across the groups.

Staff respond to children’s ideas and opinions; they encourage children to make ongoing contributions to the planning of activities

Children are eager to join in.

Staff know how to engage children in play, which is both educational and enjoyable.

Managers show a strong drive to improve the provision for children.

Children learn about managing risk.

Improvements are made as result and children benefit for better quality activities and experiences.

Staff have a good awareness of how to keep children safe and protect them from harm."

They have robust systems to ensure children’s safety.

To access Aktiva Camps’s reports please go to OFSTED search page and enter Aktiva Camps in Search Box.